1. Check-in and check-out time:

Check-in time is from 2:00 p.m. Check-out time is untill 10:00 a.m.

2. Booking

Booking overnight stays at Floramare Resort is made through the online booking system directly on the website www.floramare.si or through direct inquiries (email, website, phone conversation). Upon booking, the guest commits to providing a valid and active email address or other contact information and authorizes us to use it for information and verification purposes related to the booking. We offer 2 methods for booking accommodations on our website:

a. ONLINE Booking System The ONLINE booking system is the simplest, most secure, and fastest way to book a room in our hotel. Booking with credit card confirmation is a secure and quick booking method, as you receive an immediate confirmation of the desired accommodation. The booking can be cancelled or modified under the conditions defined in the bookings/reservations.

b. Booking Form Booking by inquiry form – you enter your details, desired stay period, preferred hotel, type of accommodation, and any requests or additional questions related to your stay in our hotels into the form. If you are accompanied by children, please specify their number and age. The booking service will respond with an offer within 24 hours. Your inquiry or our offer does not constitute a confirmed booking since a crucial condition for its confirmation and validity is the guarantee of it within the time frame and under the conditions stated in the offer. If the service is not definitively confirmed or guaranteed by you within the time frame specified in the offer, it is considered unconfirmed and automatically deleted from our system. In the case of online bookings and payments, it is assumed that you have read and agreed to these terms.

3. Booking Cancellation

The guest has the right to cancel the booking. The cancellation must be sent in writing or via email:

  • at least 3 full days before the arrival date for the period from 7.2. to 31.5. and from 1.10.to 20.12.2024,
  • at least 7 full days before the arrival date for the period from 1.6. to 30.9.2024 and from 20.12.2024 to 5.1.2025.
  • at least 14 full days before the arrival date for bookings with an Early Booking discount (bookings received by 31.3.2024).


If the booking is cancelled within the specified time frame, the payer is entitled to receive a full refund of the deposit or the entire payment made for the accommodation.

If the payer cancels the booking outside the cancellation period, the hotel will charge him with fees amounting to 100% of the total stay cost, excluding tourist tax and registration fees.

In case of cancellation on the day of arrival or a no-show, the hotel reserves the right to charge fees amounting to 100% of the total stay cost, excluding tourist tax and registration fees.

In the case of a booking confirmed with a credit card, the latter will be automatically charged. The prices confirmed by the hotel at the booking time apply to the billing of costs.

Cancellation costs will be calculated based on the prices confirmed by the hotel at the time of the booking.

The booking is valid until 8:00 PM on the day of arrival. Guests must inform the hotel in case of a later arrival.

Value-added tax (VAT) is already included in all prices within the FLORAMARE offer.

4. Early Departure

If a guest leaves the hotel prematurely without prior notification or approval from the hotel management, Floramare Resort will impose a charge equivalent to 50% of the value for each reserved and unutilized night.

5. Booking Guarantee

A valid credit card is required for the booking guarantee. It can be pre-authorized upon arrival for any additional charges incurred directly to the room or for expenses that have not been settled at the time of departure. Such charges may include unpaid utilized and ordered services or any damages to the property. Damages include but are not limited to, material and non-material damages, intellectual property damage, and falsely reported claims.

Another method of booking guarantee is the payment of an advance to Floramare Resort's bank account (TRR), as specified in the offer or proforma invoice. If the advance payment is not made within the specified period reported in the offer, the booking will be considered unconfirmed or void.

6. Complaints and Dissatisfaction

  • Guests are encouraged to report any issues or shortcomings in the service to the designated representative at Floramare Resort on-site. If the complaint seems to be addressable on-site (e.g. issues with room cleanliness, equipment, room location, etc.) and the guest fails to raise the complaint on-site or to inform the responsible party of the problem, it is assumed that the guest has accepted the service as performed and has relinquished the right to later lodge complaints seeking a reduction in the service cost or compensation for damages.
  • The guest can file a written complaint within 7 days from the day when the service was improperly performed. If the guest misses the legally prescribed deadline for submitting a complaint, Floramare Resort will not process the content of the complaint.

7. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be purchased by individuals or legal entities. Payment for gift vouchers can be made in cash, by card, or through a transfer to the company's bank account. Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of issue. In special cases and only with prior approval, a gift voucher may be exceptionally extended for an additional 6 months. Previous booking is mandatory for redeeming a gift voucher. During the booking, it is necessary to provide the gift voucher number. If the customer does not utilize the service and fails to cancel the booking in writing at least 24 hours in advance (for catering and wellness services) and 72 hours (for room reservations) before the scheduled arrival, the gift voucher is considered redeemed.

8. Website Content

Floramare Resort reserves the right to modify the content on the website at any time, in any manner, and for any reason without prior notice. It does not assume responsibility for any consequences resulting from such changes.