Individual treatment

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Treatment and Rehabilitation

Individual Physiotherapy Treatment

This is a type of therapy tailored to the needs and abilities of each individual. It utilizes various methods and techniques and can also be combined with other forms of equipment-based therapies.

Physiotherapy sessions last from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on prior arrangements with the physiotherapist. If you need professional advice or opinion, you can also opt for a shorter 20-minute consultation with the expert.


Expert Team of Physiotherapists

Our physiotherapy centre is led by experienced physiotherapists who specialize in neurophysiotherapy. They focus on the rehabilitation of diseases and injuries of the neurological system, which regulates all body functions. After a professional examination and consultation, the physiotherapist tailors the type of therapy to the patient's condition and the progression of the disease.


  • Physiotherapy treatments Physiotherapy treatments
  • Consultation with a physiotherapist Consultation with a physiotherapist
  • Treatment of myofascial trigger points Treatment of myofascial trigger points
  • Fascia manipulation Fascia manipulation
  • Orthopedic manual therapy Orthopedic manual therapy
  • Neuromuscular taping Neuromuscular taping
  • Assessment of muscle strength and mobility Assessment of muscle strength and mobility
  • Physiotherapy treatment package Physiotherapy treatment package
  • Treatment at home Treatment at home

Other Therapies


Metoda rehabilitacije, ki uporablja gibanje kot osnovno sredstvo za izboljšanje porušenega zdravja


Treating medical conditions and injuries through the use of heat effects

Analgesic therapy

Procedures and techniques that alleviate and eliminate chronic or acute pain and promote tissue regeneration

Respiratory therapy

Therapy to improve lung function, increase endurance, and alleviate breathing difficulties

Manual therapy

Form of treatment to reduce muscle tension and alleviate musculoskeletal system dysfunction

Therapeutic pool

Therapist-guided aquatic exercise for patients after injuries or surgeries