Swim assistance

Individual assistance and support

Swimming for people with mobility impairments

Individual swim assistance in the pool is specially designed for those with mobility impairments who want to enjoy water activities and improve their swimming skills. Our experienced team of swim therapists ensures that each individual receives a customized swimming program tailored to their unique needs.

Accessible to everyone

Assisted swimming in the pool

The guided exercise in the pool lasts from 15 to 30 minutes and is conducted in groups of up to 8 people. A modern pool lift ensures safe and comfortable entry and exit in and from the pool.





People in a group


How can we help you?

Regardless of the level of experience or obstacles, we will ensure that you receive individual assistance and encouragement in swimming, allowing you to enjoy water activities and improve your swimming skills.


Personalized exercises

Each individual receives a tailored program of swimming exercises that takes into account their abilities, goals, and potential challenges, enabling gradual progress and confidence in overcoming obstacles.

Safe environment

The pool, equipped with safety devices, and trained supervisors provides a secure environment during swimming. Our goal is to promote confidence in swimming and provide an enjoyable water experience.

Expert support

Our swim therapists are experts in adapted swimming. With knowledge, experience, and empathy, they ensure that each individual receives the best possible support and motivation.

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