A team of professionally experienced physiotherapists

Specialized in neurophysiotherapy

Our physiotherapy centre is led by experienced professionals who are specialized in neurophysiotherapy. They focus on the rehabilitation of neuro-muscular disorders and injuries to the neurological system, which regulates all body functions. You can also consult them for pain related to sports injuries and recovered illnesses, to preserve motor abilities and vitality, or simply for relaxation from stiffness caused by poor posture and stress.

For special needs

Special treatments

Our special treatment is designed for patients with special needs, such as individuals with disabilities or those with neurological disorders. Professionally trained physiotherapists use various techniques and methods to enhance these patients' functionality and quality of life.


Therapeutic exercise


Kinesiotherapy is a form of physiotherapy that relies on therapeutic exercise. Through individually tailored exercises and movement, we assist patients in managing pain, increasing flexibility, improving balance, and strengthening muscles and joints.


Pain relief with heat therapy


In thermotherapy, we use various forms of heat, such as warm compresses, paraffin baths, or infrared light, to alleviate pain, relax muscles, and improve blood circulation in the affected area.


Techniques to reduce pain

Analgesic therapy

Pain relief therapy is aimed at reducing pain and includes various techniques such as massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture, or the use of analgesic devices. Our physiotherapists will carefully assess your pain and select the most appropriate therapy for your needs.


Alleviation of labored breathing

Respiratory therapy

We offer top-notch respiratory therapy that includes a wide range of treatments. Our experienced physiotherapists will ensure you receive individually tailored therapy to improve your respiratory functions, facilitate expectoration, and enhance your overall quality of life.


Reduction of muscle tension

Manual therapy

Using various techniques and approaches tailored to your needs, we assist you in muscle relaxation, pain reduction, improved mobility, and overall well-being. Entrust yourself to the hands of our experts and enjoy a comprehensive therapeutic experience.


Rehabilitation in water

Therapeutic pool

A therapeutic pool is a special pool that allows for therapeutic exercise in the water. This form of therapy is particularly effective in rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries, as water enables reducing joint stress, increasing flexibility, and muscle strengthening.


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