Spa & wellness

Boutique Pampering

Florasense Spa & wellness

The boutique centre is entirely meant for relaxing the body and mind. It is charachterised by modern design, a serene ambience, and just the right amount of privacy to allow you to fully focus on yourself.


Private rental

For moments when you seek total intimacy in a more private setting, we offer a 2.5-hour rental of the Florasense Spa & wellness space. Within this timeframe, you can make unlimited use of the sauna with a relaxation area for three persons and a pool, also adapted for individuals with disabilities.

Relaxation and well-being

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Therapeutic pampering

The sauna has proven health benefits and, in addition, positively influences overall well-being. Our Finnish sauna with a relaxation area provides complete intimacy, accommodating a maximum of three persons at a time. We also offer hotel guests and external visitors the option of an exclusive 2.5-hour rental.


Swimming pool

Relaxation and exercise

The renovated indoor pool allows carefree swimming in all seasons and weather conditions. It is designed for relaxation and exercise. Guests can participate in guided morning exercises or arrange for individual sessions with a therapist. The pool is fully accessible to individuals with disabilities.



Guided exercises

The hotel fitness centre can be used for daily workouts or prescribed therapies under the guidance of professionally trained physiotherapists. The fitness equipment is designed for training the musculoskeletal system and is adapted to the needs of those with mobility impairments.



Muscle relaxation and pain relief

Pamper your body with massages tailored to your needs by our experienced therapists. Relax and relieve stress with luxurious massage treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.