Strategic Location

Near Major European Cities

Izola, with its strategic location, is an ideal starting point for exploring Europe, as it provides easy access to neighbouring cities and countries. It is 100 km away from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and only 35 km away from the Italian city of Trieste.

Due to well-established transportation connections and the proximity of international airports, visitors can easily and quickly explore this charming seaside town, known for its picturesque surroundings, its locals’ authenticity, and interesting cultural heritage.

Transfer Hire

Do you need transportation?

We can arrange transportation to and from the airport with a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Upon previous agreement, we can also arrange transportation for excursions or sightseeing tours. We provide transportation with a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. The driver, trained in assisting individuals with mobility impairments, will assist you with getting in and out of the vehicle and ensure proper care for your wheelchair. Transportation cost by agreement